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Walking CNC Router Robot

Hello All, My name is Matt Denton, I'm very new to RepRap, and only really discovered it after building this robot which was spotted by a RepRap member. I've been building hexapod robots for about 8 years, and most recently converted one of my hexapods into a walking CNC router.

This idea has been bouncing around in my head for some years now, but I only just got the time and a hexapod with enough payload capacity to pull it off. I'm not sure how far I will take this project, currently I have only cut polystyrene and high density foam, but I'm sure with some tweaks I could cut soft plastics.

Video of hexapod machining 3D face You may want to turn your sound down.. or wear ear defenders, the router is pretty loud!

More details of this project can be found on my forum here:

I hope you like the project,


Very nice. It would be interesting to put an extruder on it - and quite spider-like!

Vik :v)
Well, there is at least one theoretical advantage to having an extruder on a free roaming robot - it could make things hundreds of times larger than itself!
I'd like one that could extrude fiber optic lines. It could be turned loose with a homing device aimed at the nearest colocation center.
wow imagine the possibilities of a hundred of these small guys all with extruder devices on and capable of working simultaniously on the same object =P
anyways, very nice little spider :)
Come to think of it, you wouldn't even need suction cups or anything fancy like that for the machine to climb onto large constructions - you could include specially made handholds that the feet simply hook into in the design of the thing, then fill them in once it was completed and the robots were climbing off.
Welcome! :)
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"imagine the possibilities of a hundred of these small guys all with extruder devices on"

Check out:

Automated Construction using Co-operating Biomimetic Robots
Adrian, i love you! ^^
i hope this project at some point becomes a reality,
btw, for the feet if its possible to have a slightly thicker hollow needle with a wire inside that is attached to a small metal part that pushes into the foam and makes the needle work kinda like a fishing hook it would quite probably be able to walk inverted on the foam, and generel chances of it falling down would also be reduced drasticly, made a quick render of it.
After making the first render i thought that theres a chance foam could get caught in while the bot tried pulling the metal in again, which could result in the bot getting stuck or even worse ripping out a piece of foam that would be stuck to the bot.

vid 1:

vid 2:

... some years ago i used some stripes with embedded 45° angular oriented short nylon-fibers for fixing and linear driving applications.

When you atach to every leg a pad of some square-cm size with this proper aligned (fibertips points down or the pad is turnable) fixing-stripes, so the robot could climb on rough zooming surfaces, as his weight drives the fiber-tips in the surface and cause '100 percent friction' but they can be released with very low force when moving in the opposite direction.

For climbing on perpendicular surfaces and upside-down the fixing pads should be a bit more complex: - imagine a pad with two moving tiles covered with this stripes, where the fibers on every of the two stripes are oriented in the direction of the gap between the tiles.

When opening the gap, pressing the pad on a surface and closing the gap the fibertips punctuate the surface in their respective directions and the pad is fixed to the surface and some force (until some Newtons per pad) would be needed to brake the connection.

With opening the gap the fibers slide free again and the pad can be removed without force.

So with activating and releasing the fixing-pads you could move on every fiber-penetrable surface as if you walk with vacuum-sucking dishes on your feet.

If i'll manage to find some of the prototypes in my scrapery, i can post some images ...

Thanks for all the positive comments! There are some really interesting ideas here.

Tim, the needles in the feet could be very good for keeping the robot in position while machining.

Viktor, I love the sound of this fiber tape!

the needle feet were actually ment for adrians bots so they would be able to crawl at any angle, but your right it can also help stabelize one that is standing on the floor printing so it doesnt slide about, aslong as its standing on something the needle feet can be stuck into.
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