Sunday, June 29, 2008


Making the Extruder Extrude - followup

An update on my extruder:

With a bit of hot-melt glue, I've filled in the extra space around the rectangular void in the "molded part that interfaces with the motor's drive shaft." Now, it does not wiggle on the drive shaft as it turns, and I believe it is more centered.

As for the silicon tubing, I found that part of my problem was that I wasn't extruding at a good temperature for HDPE. After previously carbonizing my JB Weld, I was a little skittish about high extruder temperatures. Since the melting point of HDPE is around 130C, I thought 150C should be plenty hot. Only this weekend did I find a "Guide for Newbies" that specifies some temperatures that the wise and skilled nophead has been using:

HDPE.raft_temp = 200
HDPE.first_layer_temp = 240
HDPE.layer_temp = 220

PCL.raft_temp = 0 // no raft
PCL.first_layer_temp = 130
PCL.layer_temp = 120

ABS.raft_temp = 200
ABS.first_layer_temp = 215
ABS.layer_temp = 230

PLA.raft_temp = 0
PLA.first_layer_temp = 180
PLA.layer_temp = 160
Alas, when I cranked the temperature up to 200C (I'm using HDPE), the extruder extruded just like it was supposed to. Piece of cake. :)

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Now if we can just talk Nop into figuring out the temperatures that we ought to be using to extrude the same plastics as we are printing with to do support work. :-)
Thank you. :)
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