Sunday, May 04, 2008


Nophead spots a major boo boo...

I began with a kidney stone on Thursday morning and have been on pain meds the whole weekend. The smooth muscle pain meds make me feel like my head is in a sack of unwashed wool.

Chris (nophead) noticed that although I was trying to measure the HDPE/aluminum friction coefficient, I'd neglected to take the HDPE cutting board out of the polythene bag it was in. He said...

I read somewhere that the coefficient for friction for HDPE is not far behind PTFE but it looks like your chopping board was still in its bag when you did the first test. Mind you I just got a new chopping board which is black like yours and it is labeled PE LLD which I assume is LLDPE.

After a few moments of disbelief that I could have done something so stupid I finally accepted that he was right and redid the experiment.

(Read the whole story)

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