Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Good to go

My hand full of used 26000 series linear actuators arrived yesterday. While they had no lead screws, I was able to wire one up and assure myself that one, at least, wasn't broken.

Here is a look at the 26000's alongside of the 36000 that I already own.

Being native bipolar rather than unipolar as my 36000 series unit is the 26000's are near as powerful as it is. Having the 26000's in-hand I was able to verify that they require a 0.002"/step lead screw rather than the 0.004"/step lead screw that the 36000 does.

This morning I called in an order for six feet uncut of each of the two types of lead screw. When it arrives I should be able to build Tommelise 2 quite quickly.

(No additional content at http://3DReplicators.com)

I may give up on trying to improve the resolution of my machine and surcome to the temptation of these linear actuators but i'm going to have a go at adding anti-backlash code to the pics before I give up on my steppers completely
Let me hammer them for a few months to see if it's a viable option.
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