Friday, May 16, 2008


Cheap capa in the USA

I'm having problems getting the right tools to make the parts I need, so I'll show you guys my progress later.
In the mean time I found a cheaper place than what's listed on the reprap Polymorph page.
The stuff from The Compleat Sculptor (28oz) was the lowest price, but must have changed prices since the reprap page was made, because now it's $41.99 for 28oz. I found a place that sells it cheaper than the other 2 places listed for the US also.

The nightmare factory, a costume and halloween store have a 28oz jar for $30.
I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants cheap material, so I thought I'd give everyone the link.

Happy reprapping.


Good find! Do you have possibility to have the 3mm filament extruded too?

I am looking at a few different options for that. Here is one idea that I had that Adrian apparently had too.
That's an extruder head made fore granules. I might do something like that or make a "recycle" machine to take granules or printed parts that are no good and extrude them into filament. It'll probably be similar to this design. That way we can use any plastic like cut up milk cartons and shopping bags for HDPE also.
I'll probably finish my cartesion system before I start any of this though.
is there any examples of peope reprapping with biodegrable plastics?
biodegradable plastic would be great to get into. Polyhydroxyalkanoates or PHAs might have some disadvantages in an extruder, but I might look into that later. I might contact Metabolix or one of the other companies and see if they have anything that would work well for this type of thing.
If you're interested in this, you might want to start a topic on the forum.

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