Saturday, April 19, 2008


Testing USB on the Big Board for Tommelise 2.0

I had a few hours to continue building up the Big Board for Tommelise 2.0, today.

Since I am by no means settled on a final design to the point where I am brave enough to undertake printed circuit board designs, use a Eurboard stripboard for building my boards. You can get them on the web for $5-10.

My concept with the Big Board is to make it with as few parts and as simply as possible

The PIC 18F4550 does that quite nicely. That chip lets you go directly to USB connectivity with your PC without the drama of MAX232 chips to convert what PIC understands to be serial comms to standard RS232 protocols. Similarly, the PIC 18F4550 doesn't require a conversion chipset to get USB signals like the Arduino boards do either.

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