Saturday, April 19, 2008


Reprapping through a Saturday

Finally, I managed to do some prints about which I was very happy. YAY!

Following Demented's success I got excited and went down to my garage to do some prints. I was not brave enough to try the minimug and wine glass so far, was only testing widebar, circles and 10mm cube. I am using CAPA with a 0.6mm diameter nozzle. This works fine, my only problem is dumping in the corners where I would need some more nozzle speed up... I used a few trays to print on like HDPE, MDF, foam and mousepad. Foam and mousepad would be fine as the deposited filament sticks to them easily but they were not rigid enough to resist the warpage of the material. IKEA HDPE board did not work in my case at all. Capa just would not stick and it made a big ball around the nozzle... The original MDF board worked for me the best, the only thing is that it will wear away soon... I will give the balsa a try as Adrian did, see how it goes...

Reprap is really beginning to catch fire. Congrats!
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