Sunday, April 27, 2008


More PCB Plotting

I've done a bit more work on my Gerber (PCB) plotter. It now has a GUI! The script will show all the lines to be plotted, then colour them black in real-time as they are plotted.

I've also finally made myself a Y axis so I can now lift the pen.

The resolution on my repstrap is a little limited so i'm having to use quite large tracks and pads.
More photos on flickr

Wow, awesome! Having made proto circuit boards before with iron-on laser printer sheets, I'm pretty stoked about this! I imagine if you could locate the board accurately on the build surface, using some pins or something, you could flip the board and make it double sided with reasonable accuracy. I'm going to want to mess with this as soon as I get my machine up and running.

You should include your software in the live-cd release, this kind of thing would be useful for a lot of folks.
Love this work you're doing. Can't wait to be able to make my own PCBs. This seems like a good basis for it.
Great work, Wade! Have you emailed Annie Fan yet?
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