Saturday, April 12, 2008


First printing

Hi, I am a little afraid of posting here as my knowledge must be way behind of anybody else's on this blog, but lets try :-))

I eventually finished my RepRap and did my first printing this afternoon. (10mm cube) I think I can be a classical example that even someone with basically zero knowledge in electronics and robotics can build a RepRap and understand the background too.

By the way, what I had the most problems with is the extruder. Extruder controller PIC killed at least 5 times and I needed a lot of patience to figure out the problem but finally turned out that the heater caused the whole thing... But when the extruder controller worked well the extruding itself failed or the filament did not cut when it was supposed to cut. Usually the extruded filament speed was not even and sometimes the extruder did not even extrude due to friction. Then Nophead suggested me to use some oil to lubricate the filament to decrease the friction which worked well but speed was still going up and down. Finally, I created a new barrel and this functions perfectly. I do not know if anyone uses similar geometry, but someone may want to try...

Congratulations! I hope you will be able to create usable parts soon!
Woohoo, hear! hear!, (applause in background).

By the way, what's the difference between the new barrel and ye old barrel?
Brilliant! And welcome to the growing community...

Don't be inhibited about posting results, problems and achievements. If not quite knowing what one was doing stopped people posting on RepRap web pages I would never have been able to start the project...
The barrel has a little but important difference for me. :-) Before I was trying to extrude with the standard barrel and dome nut thing. The problem was that the filament coming from the extruder was curling in random directions. Then I thought to force it through a short but straight tunnel from the barrel. Now the extrusion line is straight and even. I know other have managed with dome nut too, so I must have been dumb to manage it :-)) But this way it goes on my machine, so I am happy.
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