Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Building the big board for Tommelise 2.0

I had my youngest daughter and son at my place for Easter a few weeks ago. As usual I cleaned up rather quickly the day that day before my daughter was to arrive.

"Cleaning up" for me means filling whatever box comes to hand with all the loose bits that lie around my place and setting them aside. That is quick and quite efficient. Unfortunately, it can make finding what you "cleaned up" quite difficult afterwards.

In spite of that, I managed to find all of the parts that I need to build the full controller board for Tommelise 2.0.

You can see the prototype board above the full controller board. I haven't exactly decided how I want to lay out the hex inverter and stepper driver chips yet. It looks like there is going to be plenty of room, though.

While I've got all of the connectors to drive the three steppers, the extruder motor and the extruder heater in this photo, I haven't put in the connectors for the limits detectors in this picture. They are going to be in the upper, left-hand side of the board.

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