Monday, March 10, 2008


Ball Mill Frame Complete

Just for Forest, heres a picture of my repaired drill press. Note the 22mm Hole Saw.

The hole saw is what I used to cut the bearing supports into the wood end blocks and is a tight fit on the outer race of the Skate Bearings that support the rollers.

Note the line marked on the end of the hole saw to make the depth of the hole the same for all 4 holes.

N.B. Use a Drift and Vice or Press (If you have one) to insert the bearings. A quick and inexpensive drift is a socket from a socket set whose outer diameter is the same as the bearings outer race. This avoids putting undue pressure onto the bearings inner race and possibly popping the middle out of the bearing.

The Ball Mill Frame complete just awaiting gluing and screwing.

The rollers are spaced to be able to take a Milling Container with a diameter of 110mm. This is a very common and inexpensive size for plastic soil pipe and fittings and is what I will be using.

Note the end of the drive roller sticking through the end block.

Our food mixer will drive the Mill via a flexible coupling as it is what I have to hand and will borrow it when needed.

I'm sure you said at one point, but what exactly are you making and why are you making it? I'm confused.
It's a Ball Mill to grind up things to make support paste out of.
Ah! Okay. Thanks!
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