Saturday, March 29, 2008


Arduino chosen for next stage of RepRap development

We have chosen the open-source Arduino microcontroller for the next stage of RepRap development. Zach has been working on this for a while, and it gives a number of advantages:
In addition, we have stepper-driver boards for it that allow RepRap to use much less expensive and more easy to obtain stepper motors than the current ones.

We shall do a release of the entire RepRap system (hardware, firmware, and software) shortly that will be a stable platform from which people can take the current PIC microcontrollers forward if they wish.

We will then do a subsequent release with identical host software, but with the Arduino electronics and firmware. This will form the basis of our next set of developments.

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For standardizing reprap, definitely a step in the right direction.
Very nice. I was just researching about working with Arduino for my next foré into learning about creating my own electronic devices.
Hey, I just began working with the ardunio project not ot long ago and am looking to do this sort of thing with it. I'm glad RepRap is moving in this direction!
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