Monday, February 18, 2008


USB I/O on the PIC18F4550

This morning I took a few minutes before starting work and finished checking out the sample PC-side I/O programme to make sure that it was behaving as advertised and then cleaned out Oshonsoft's A/D code from the sample firmware so that I would have a clean start for building up a firmware programme for running Tommelise 2.0.

USB sends out and receives groups of 8 bytes of data very, very quickly. The PC-side app is written in Visual Basic 6. It randomly selects values for the 8 bytes of outgoing information. The firmware takes those 8 bytes and adds 1 to each of them. When the PC-side app asks for the information back you can see that 1 has been added to each byte.

You can see the values for the bytes that the PC-side app sent out (red arrow) and that the values sent back have 1 added to each of those bytes (blue arrow).

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