Thursday, February 28, 2008


RepRap Timelapse Part 1

I bought a Canon SD 750 with built in timelapse mode. Here's my first two timelapse vids of me trying to print a minimug. Better ones and higher quality vids to come.

RepRap Print Timelapse from Zach 'Iowa' Hoeken on Vimeo.

Wow! Very very cool. Too bad it doesn't finish properly. Is that shrinkage or is it just drooping from the heat? I notice you don't have a fan on it yet.
i'm having trouble getting the parameters right. if you notice towards the end, its way too high and its moving too fast. i need to reduce the layer height, and slow down the print head movement.

the problem is the host software (currently) is setup for PICs and doesnt take standard units as speed. now that we have gcode working, we should get that fixed and i can just say "move at 10mm/minute, etc"

Isn't it fun? :-D
The gcodes for the minimug use speed 70 for the outlines and a lot higher for the infill. The infill speeds are really erratic as well. I add them to every gcode now, but I could use speeds from the properties as well.
Most excellent.

Gcodes as well. even better.

I'm Jealous.
no need to be jealous.

you could just as easily be doing this on a mcwire machine...
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