Monday, February 04, 2008


USB 2.0 on Tommelise 2.0

Once I bit the bullet and decided to go for USB 2.0 comms for Tommelise 2.0 and tentatively chose the 18F4550 as the target PIC chip things started getting very easy. As usual, the PIC data sheet for the 18F4550 was pretty opaque. On the web, however, it turns out that a lot of people have been exploiting the 18F4550 for USB connectivity. I found this link very useful. Not only does it give you a schematic, but it also gives you a full, working set of PC side and PIC side code that makes things work.

As well, they use a bootloader for chip programming. I wonder if my Oshonsoft BASIC hex will be compatable with that?

This is getting to be fun!

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