Sunday, February 24, 2008


Dyslexia and the MC14069UB chip

I had planned to get a lot done on Tommelise 2.0 today. The good Lord knows that I worked hard enough to have got a long way. I had planned to graft the MC14069UB inverter chip onto the prototype board and see how big a problem it was going to be to save a few pins on the PIC 18F4550. Sadly, a lifelong affliction of mine, dyslexia, made the day a living hell.

Things started nicely enough. I grafted a 14 pin socket onto the prototype board and isolated it from the 18F4550. Then I added another connection to the output pin that is the first of two pins going to the SN754410 quadruple half-H driver chip that controls the first phase of the stepper and connected it to one of the six inputs for the MC14069UB inverter chip.

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