Monday, February 18, 2008


3D Scanning for stupid people... me. :-D

I've been mulling over ways to get my little Cyclops 3D scanner project going again with a minimum of effort. I decided to leverage what I already know how to do rather than get into all the drama of patching multiple scans that other open source 3D scanning systems like David do.

David uses a line projecting hand laser and a little PC web cam and a LOT of PC processing power to get you a 3D surface description of an object. It occurred to me that I already know how to make both encoders, gearmotors and steppers to work with PIC's. If I were to buy a little Sharp IR distance sensor like one of these.

I could shortcut much of the software sophistication that the Germans have gone through with David. You point one of these little chips at your object and read off a voltage and then translate the voltage into a distance. Mount one of these to swivel up and down and keep track of where it is at and put your object on a turntable with the same kind of tracking and you've got a very simple IR radar set that can easily develop a surface description of an object.

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