Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Wielding or wrecking the soldering iron

I took a break this evening from programming a new variables selector routine and decided to put some components onto one of Zach's stepper boards. My old Radio Shack soldering iron is pretty much used up, but I cleaned the nasty old tip and fired it up.

I decided to do the Schottky diodes first and immediately ran into trouble. The ones that I have in stock are 1N5819's. They're rated at 1 amp and 40 volts and are ultra fast. When I got a look at Zach's board, however, I noticed that the board markings specified gargantuan UF5404's, which costs about the same but is rated at 3 amps and 400 volts. I guess that Zach is expecting some heavy duty back EMF off of those NEMA 23's that Darwin uses. Oddly, though, when I looked at the board's Master Bill of Materials the Schottky diodes specified there were SB360's, a Fairchild product also rated at 3 amps. I expect the BOM got written up after the board was designed and reflects a more readily available component or something of the sort. It's a little confusing at first glance, though.

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