Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So Close!!!

Coming to the lab tonight, I decided to work on my McWire machine and get as much work as possible done on it. There were a few things that were not quite finished on it, so I set out to fix them. Here's what I did:

* Mounted extruder on Z axis. I mounted it wrong the first time (too high!) The second time, I mounted it on the bottom of the Z axis, but then the head of the extruder would hit the build platform at 0. I fixed this by lengthening the vertical pipe. Now I just adjust the build platform higher or lower depending on what I need. I also lengthened the pipe that extends the print head over the working area. Yay!

* I attempted to mount some vertical bearing arms - the ones that are supposed to keep the Z stage up against the rails. Mine werent long enough, so I resorted to what I've been doing for a while which is to keep the Z stage up against the rails with a strong rubber band. Works great!

* Got all the limit flags working. Now the machine homes every time. Pretty important, but it was also fairly easy. I'm happy with how things are working now.

* Routed all wires. Everything is nice and tidy now (well, almost.) All that is left is wiring up the extruder to the Arduino and getting the token ring network wired up. should be pretty easy.

I'm so excited... I think I'm literally one more afternoon in the lab away from printing! This will be awesome! Pics and video on first successful print!

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