Saturday, January 26, 2008


Saturday morning ironies

As you know, I began to slow down on development work on Reprap last September and then stopped altogether in November. This was not a matter of lack of desire, but more one of having had my day job get the better of me. Since September the hours required by my day job begun to run 12-14 daily and for the past month or two began to hit sixteen with a requirement of waking up 2-3 times during the night to feed yet more data into my dual CPU Xeon workstation for analysis.

Recently, I started hitting some deadlines. I've made them and got a few days breathing space afterwards before something else came up. There was one just before Christmas that gave me a chance to think back over what I'd done with Tommelise. The major departure that Tommelise takes from the mainline Reprap effort lies in its use of shaft encoded DC motors. I've learned a lot about these systems, much of it frustrating.

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