Wednesday, January 16, 2008


LOM-fabbing with a CNC-repstrap

Hi all,

... i'll post some images of my first LOM-fabbing (LOM=Laminated-Object-Modelling/Manufacturing) with a CNC-repstrap and a minidrill.

As you can see, with this method it's no problem to make overhangs or complex geometries out from single prefabbed sheets:

Here is the reactivated CNC-system:

Outputting a single sheet - the software:

Outputting a single sheet - milling:

I'm waiting to by a 'serious' millhead, then i'll make some 'real' parts needed for going further with my tripod-repstrap and the dispenser-heads.

One of the next goals is a software or conversion for automated slicing the LOM-sheets from a STL-file, so it would be much easier to process ...

Here you can find the complete image-sequence in ZIP-archives ...


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