Saturday, January 05, 2008


IKEA Modding

In my quest for simplicity I decided to build a RepStrap frame with only this hardware:
  • 8mm threaded rod (12x)
  • M8 nuts + washers (48x)
  • a log of wood
  • IKEA Observatör 70x70 cross-brace (5x) (1 £ / 1.90€ each)
I only used very few simple tools like screwdriver, drill, hacksaw and fierce determination ;-)

I went to the hardware store and bought _all_ the rods they had and some nuts & washers.

Once started, it all seemed fairly easy, except from the clumsy handling with the 100 cm rods that I was afraid to cut too early.
When the frame started to take the shape of a cube there was a frightening amount of wobble.

Then I finally used my swedish "secret weapon" because I was hoping it would make the wobble do away completely - and it did.

That beast is rigid as hell!

Looks like a good basis for a repstrap. Are you planning on using Arduino for control circuits?
Not exactly, though I like the idea of the Arduino a lot.
I successfully finished two ATMega8/168-Boards with builtin programmer (13 € each) from this source:

If I'm lucky, I can use the Arduino software without too much trouble.
Could you specify the dimentions of your frame?
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