Thursday, January 10, 2008



Thought it was time to put my cartesian contraption to the test. Downloaded the STL files from sourceforge and started plotting (not extruding) the corner bracket.

Instead of the extruder, I placed a holder on the carriage for a pen (see image left) and this way it should be possible to plot the lines and see how that goes.

I noticed a few things: first of all, sometimes the carriage moves back to it's home position, for no clear reason. In a way a good thing: this was the exact same point every time, so it is actually pretty accurate (see also the image below where the 4 lines cross)

The second thing I noticed is that my settings are not scaling correctly (the bracket is 44 mm, the plot measures 48) but that should be fairly simple to fix in the Host software settings. I also found that my carriages goes a bit up and down (in the Z direction, which is why the plier is placed on it, to keep the pen down on the paper) and this is due to some slack in the carriage and XY assembly, which could be harder to fix.

The end result, a "plot" of the corner bracket, is shown on the right.

All in all, I am a pretty excited! Next step is to get the extruder up and running again, and try some real printing.


The usual reason for the movement to zero is either that it thinks it has run out of filament, or it thinks the extruder is too cold and needs to warm up for a bit.

The PIC16F628A firmware is prone to doing this. The new firmware for PIC16F648A's seems much more robust and I've not had any erroneous seeks to zero since I started using that.

Vik :v)
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