Friday, December 28, 2007


Solid work

Apart from eating and drinking over Christmas I have also been busy experimenting with extruding solid blocks of HDPE :-

This has given me some insights into extruded layered manufacture and also produced a lot of scrap !

There are some facts and figures in my blog for anyone who is interested :-

There are lots more things I want to try but I have to repair my extruder first :-

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Is there any progress towards having support material deposition yet? Hardware, software, etc? I still reckon support material will significantly improve operation.
There is paste extruder for support material under development at Bath:-

I haven't seen it supporting anything yet though. Personally, I don't think it will work for HDPE as the only thing I can get it to stick to well enough to stop it curling is HDPE or PP. I think HDPE could be used to support HDPE by controlling the strength of the weld by varying the temperature, but it would be hard to separate again, except for trivial shapes.
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