Thursday, December 06, 2007


Moulded RP Parts (at last!)

Moulded RP parts are now available.

We can supply individual parts or complete kits of Moulded RP parts and in the next day or two should have complete kits of all Hardware our target price is under £300 + vat for a complete kit including motors etc etc....

Please also note the Moulded parts also included the Pulleys which have been moulded in to the drive connectors this saves $83.70 (McMaster) and also means the Y motor shaft does not need cutting down, if only we could mould the timing belts!!!

Please browse around the web site we are working hard to improve the site so as well as a shop it will also be a useful source of information, any comments would be very well received.


Thanks Ian, it's really a great step to help a lot of reprappers :)
I'm looking for the complete kit with motors in the next days before to orders.
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