Sunday, December 16, 2007


HDPE bed material

I have found that kitchen chopping boards make a good base material to extrude HDPE onto. It adheres very well, which reduces the warping to a minimum, but surprisingly it can also be removed easily with little damage to the board, so it can be reused over and over again.

More details here:

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Ha! You beat me to it! Great work, Nop! Could you try a filled object, now, to give the warpage issue a real workout? :-)
Yes I plan to make rectangular blocks with various infill schemes to see how it it affects the warping. I expect it will show that HDPE is not suitable for FDM but I think we have to exhaust all possibilities. It does seem to machine quite well so I could make things out of it with a combination of FDM and milling but obviously only a subset of shapes that can be made by FDM alone.

I also want to try using HDPE as a support material for HDPE. Commercial machines use ABS to support ABS, presumably they just lower the temperature so that it fails to weld. Obviously, you can only support open structures.
I'm tempted to skip the MDF altogether and just make the platform out of a cutting board.
I think you might still want something flat and rigid under the board. My 10mm thick PP board bends quite easily.
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