Monday, November 26, 2007


Mould Parts Arrived at Last

Hi all well as always a longer journey than expected!

The above RepStrap is made entirely from moulded parts or off the shelf items for the couplings and timing pulleys. I intend to do mouldings of the pulleys to further drive down the cost but thought I should get something up just to let people know it was still happening!

The above RepStrap does not have the Extruder parts fitted but these are as posted before.

On Friday we will have a web site up so people can order any or all of the moulded parts, I’m still figuring out what the bits actually cost in resin and silicone mould! But expect a full set to be in the region of £100 to £120.

As they say watch this space!

Ian - that's brilliant!

If you get in touch with Zach you can also supply people with the parts via the RepRap online store.
Congrats, thank you!
Hi Ian,

... good job!

As my repstraps are fully functionable now, i'm more interested in the extruder or trying to apply a laser-head ...

So let me know, when you have the extruder parts ready (or i'll see ;)

this looks really nice...the parts in different colours, and coloured plastic.....we can have application specific RepRaps....this one is called: The Blue Replicator
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