Sunday, November 11, 2007


Its Alive!!!

Finally got all 3 axes assembled and 3 stepper driver boards made up. I bolted all the electronics to a piece of wood. I used M3 nuts/bolts and short lengths of vinyl tubing as spacers (the same tubing that i used to couple the drive rod to the motor.)

Anyway, I'll let the videos speak for themselves:

Its Alive!!! from Zach 'Iowa' Hoeken on Vimeo.

McWire Cartesian Bot Running from Zach 'Iowa' Hoeken on Vimeo.

It looks Great!!!
Are you just going to use the Arduino or plan on using the present electronics to get every thing running ASAP?
Brilliant, Zach! Great work! :-D
well, technically the motors and motion you see here are generated by the new stepper driver boards.

i plan on finishing the SNAP based Arduino firmware which means actually testing this firmware on a real machine. now that i have a real machine, real electronics, and everything ready to go... i'm pretty much poised to burn through the code in a few extended worksessions.

if everything goes well by next monday i'll have a fully reprap-software compatible system that is something that anyone can easily assemble. SO PUMPED!
Nice one!!! Great videos...
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