Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Got the perfect repstrap ...

Hi all,

... after a hint in summer from ISEL, that one of their customers wants to exchange his CNC-glue-dispenser and is willing to sell his old system for low, i yesterday got the old 3D-system for 300 Euros - unfortunatelly without the Loctite-dispenser ...

The controller is still working, the mechanic and motors are in working status and needs only some cleaning and fine-tuning - so if i find a mill-head and an extruder, my 3D-RepStrap comes faster to real live, then i hoped :)

So if it's running as 3D-mill, i can perform and offer some 3D-milling at home for free or a low fee (for material and shipping) - best in germany and europe (after my desastrous experience with receiving a book from the USA and transferring the money, thanks Demented!)


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