Monday, November 12, 2007


Assembling the Tripod ...

Hi All,

... here the promised images of the parts and the assembly of my Tripod:

And here a video of manual playing with the kinematics ;)

Tripod-Test from Viktor on Vimeo.


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... ups, i'm sorry - the placing of the images isn't so straight-forward - in the preview they were in a vertical row, so i had to insert lines, now they are compacted and the blog is much to long ...

Does someone know, how i can edit the blog, to make it a bit better fitting?

Zach, thanks for the hint with Vimeo - i found the embedding options, so next time i'll place the embedded video, instead of the link ...

there should be a link at the top of the blog that says 'dashboard' or something like that. click on it and you can navigate to the blog where you can edit your entries.

awesome! i cant wait to see it in action. very cool.
Hi Zach,

... thanks, it works (both, the Tripod and the blog-editing) ;)

In the next time i'll be busy with the electronics and the converting software ...

Damn! Cool! :-D
The problem I can see with this kinda setup is the way the extruder platform moves in the vertical axis as you move it left to right. You'd need to tweak the other two steppers so they go up as the other does down.

Or you could just set the stand off to be large enough so that this won't make a difference.
Hi Robert,

... it's a complete different, but not so complex controling - i have to convert the X,Y-coordinates in A,B,C-moving (for Motor A,B,C).

When only Z-moving, then it's no problem, as all motots drive the Z-steps together, so the toolhead goes only up or down ...

When i have to move a horizontal path (or the same for a 3D-line), then i dissolve a MoveToXY (or MoveToXYZ) in short pieces and triangulate the displacement in corresponding displacement for A,B,C - it's not so very complex, as i can use simple Archimedic triangulation.

It's called 'inverse kinematic' and with my symmetric parallel setup it's the same for all three motors with only the toolhead-angle as difference, so the formulas are much simpler, as with other types of tripods.

The only aditional complexity comes from my special magnetic-sphere-hinges, which add two symmetric triangles, that wouldn't be there with kardanic hinges ...

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