Monday, October 15, 2007


PU Parts by the Kilo!

Well as always longer than I expected but we now have the first 10 sets of extruder RP parts moulded in Fast Cast PU I'm about to send this first batch to Zach to put in the RRRF. If there is anybody wanting some in UK or Europe please contact me and I'll ship direct.
The Extruder moulding comprise 6 items the drive coupling is supplied for both variants of the Pololu gear motor
The finish is not as good as i had hoped but you have to stop somewhere! and it's certainly perfect for development work and all fits together OK. Some parts may require a small amount of sanding to give a snug fit especially the base of the extruder barrel as it's slightly domed from the moulding process (better to put to much resin than not enough!)

These parts assembled nicely with all holes lining up. I've not done a build with the internals as I've not made them yet but should be OK as dimensionally the same as the RP parts I moulded off. The top half bearing mount will need a small amount of cleaning out as the mould was not perfect in this area, this is easily done with a small knife.
I have also moulded a set of corner blocks and diagonal tie brackets this was a very slow process as i only had 1 mould! but if there was interest i would be happy to make up a new mould so i can make a set at a time i.e. 8 corner blocks and 20 diagonal tie brackets , these have M5 nuts moulded into the resin . Note the two designs of corner block four base blocks with diagonal holes and four top blocks to take the Y axis bearing blocks. The 8Ø holes are moulded using 8Ø bright bar and as such are a very tight fit onto the frame bars and would probably benefit from drilling out to 8.2 or 8.5Ø . I'll let you know how assembly goes!In my earlier post i had done a first set using pressure moulding I found this to time consuming as it needed a slower setting resin due to the pour time to fill the mould so all these parts are made with a single part mould which gives a much faster pour time, critical when the stuff has a 3 minute pot life!

Ian - that is utterly fantastic! We've got to get these in the online shop (and get some money to you from it...)
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