Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Newbie & PU Parts

Hi just a quick hello to everyone as I join the ranks of RepRap builders, I have been following the project for a few months and I'm now well committed to building a RepRap.

I'm very fortunate to live very close to the original RepRap in Bath so have taken the opportunity to scrounge some parts from Adrian/Ed. Over this last weekend I cast a complete set of extruder parts in PU (see Adrian's Main Blog entry for method). The first set is yellow as this was all the pigment I had but today some water clear PU arrived so will try for Clear cast later tonight.

The mould halves with the original plugs removed

A small amount of Vodoo to ensure the correct results!

The completed first cast of parts.

I use vacuum degassing of the mould silicone and pressure moulding of the actual parts this gives fantastic detail and allows greater part density per mould.

These parts will be available either via RRRF (sorting details with Zach) or direct from myself as I'm UK and Zach US it will probably be bit of both.

I'm about to start on the Cartesian Robot RP frame parts i.e. corner blocks and angle rod tie brackets, with the intention of completing moulds for all RP parts very soon!


Fantastic! A lot of us really appreciate the effort you are making. Keep up the good work
Those look great! Does "pressure moulding" just mean using a bunch of elastic bands to hold the mould halves together?
Great work, Ian!
Pressure moulding involves putting the mould into a pressure tank and i then take it to about 4 Bar it causes any trapped air to dissolve so ensuring the fine detail is replicated. Pressure casting is not always needed Adrian does a gravity mould and for small mould it works great
Ah.. I wondered how you could apply pressure without deforming the mould. Looks like it does a great job.
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