Monday, September 17, 2007


Was it Vikodin or was it just being 60?

This morning just after midnight I woke up and had a "left the faucet running" moment, viz, had I put the support plate on my new extruder barrel before I braised the copper PTFE flange onto it. I decided that I really didn't want to know right then and if I got up and looked at it I'd be tempted to try to fix it. I'm not that wonderful at midnight work sessions.

This morning, I got up and sure enough I'd left the brass support plate off.

I used the recycled copper PTFE plate this time to cut down on the amount of sawing I'd have to do. Having had a trial run at it last night I avoided some of the mistakes I'd made then and got the whole thing done, with the 0.5 mm hole drilled too, in about 5 minutes. I wasn't hurrying, either.

Here it is.

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