Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Request for a look

Hello RepRappers!

I am a prospective fabber in Taos, New Mexico, USA. While I plan to build my own Rep-Rap I am currently aiming to join forces with other fabbers and prospective fabbers in my area. I have been in discussions with local educators and technologists and have been able to generate some interest on their parts to participate in a program to make some of the technical capability available in an educational setting. Most are not aware of the state of the art in 3D printing or other additive fabrication technologies.

I'd like to locate any fabbers in the northern New Mexico area who may wish to participate or, possibly, just to show me and a few others how a RepRap works and what may be possible. Nothing like seeing is believing and all.

If interested please post a reply or send email to normc at eclecticelectricks dot com if you're inclined.


Norm of Taos


I don't know, right off-hand, of anybody doing RepRap in New Mexico, never mind, northern New Mexico. I think that there may be a couple of people in Texas, iirc, but they're pretty new to the effort.
It'd be great to have a world map of reprap builder's general location. There are many small robotics clubs scattered around the assorted countries, it'd be helpful to develop the same sort of community support for repraps.
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