Sunday, September 16, 2007


Building a "new" heated extruder barrel for the Mk 1

I woke up on Saturday at 0100 with a gonzo case of food poisoning thanks to my letting a few New Zealand mussels get past their best before date when I was making an Udon for supper on Friday night. After a day, a couple of litres of IV fluid, some Vikadin and muscle relaxants I was ready to do on Sunday morning what I had intended to start on Saturday.

Given my "warmed over death" state of health I decided to stick with with making another copper heated extruder barrel rather than attempting to make one out of brass with a MAPP torch.

I used measurements off the old one and reused the bottom mounting plate. Since you will be clipping and grinding everything that isn't right on the bottom of the extruder barrel you need take no great care with measurements.

Recovering the plate was a simple matter of simply cutting the old extruder barrel and sliding the mounting plate off with a pair of pliers and my vise. After that I had to cut a .005 inch blank for the extruder orifice.

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