Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Tommelise 2.0

I haven't been posting much in the past few months. Sadly for my 3D printer work and happily for my overdraft, I'm been doing consulting work in computational linguistics pretty much around the clock. With a little luck I might even manage to get my overdraft under control if this goes on as long as my client says it will.

Yesterday, however, I had a major turn-in of contract deliverables and was able to get a hot meal, a bath and six hours of glorious uninterrupted sleep. My client is busily trying to put what I gave them on their server farm, so I haven't heard from them today and I don't expect to hear too much for several days. This lets me work on the next deliverables at a more civilised pace.

As you recall, some days ago I posted some tentative ideas for a new extruder design. This evening I decided that it was time to start thinking about Tommelise 2.0. Mind, Tommelise 1.0 works fairly well. I've been able to print usuable parts on it with difficulty for about a month now and there is still plenty to be learned from working with it.

In fact, I've already learned a considerable amount from it. Mostly, I've learned that it is a complete lash-up, not that I didn't know that already. While I love the old thing, esthetically it deeply offends the old architect in me. There are so many things about it that could be improved.

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