Thursday, August 30, 2007


Pimpin' Richard

After a few weeks of summer, busy job and a period of shops being closed (for some strange reason the construction branch and the entire supply chain related to it closes shop during the same 4 weeks) I have finally come to upgrading Richard to the next level.

The source of most problems I had were related to inaccuracies in the components (and probably also tools), so I figured that some upgrading was in place. First, I used a small XY table to enable more accurate positioning of holes, and second was moving to aluminum for the corner brackets.

The right shows the first new corner block - both very shiny, sturdier and more accurate then the hardwood blocks. Some M5 taps for the screws to hold the rods; design is the same as the original Darwin, except the blocks are 40x40 mm. It is a bit more effort, but I think it will pay off. And if not, it definitely looks cool ;-)

wow, that looks very nice. i'm excited to see how the rest of your machine progresses. please post updates, even if you run into problems. many eyes make bugs shallow =)
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