Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Heater Barrel Assembly

Now that we have finished heater barrels, and finished PTFE barrels available, I'm able to fully document the process of creating the heater assembly. In this build process, we build the assembly with plastic to protect the PTFE barrier and nozzle, wrap the heater wire, apply the JBWeld, and then let it sit. After it dries, we remove the nozzle and PTFE barrier, remove the protective plastic, and then assemble it back together again.

Voila, a finished heater barrel assembly. More pics on Flickr.

Great pics! Can't wait to see them organised into a sequence with captions.

One thing I saw in your last Flikr pic. You cross the return nichrome lead under the nichrome you wrap around the threads. I think that you may regret that.
yeah, i think you're right. the nichrome should be wrapped all the way into the threads, then brought back over the top.

its just a bugger to keep it down that way. i'll give it another go next time i'm in the lab.
I used bbq paint on the barrel and then tied the coiled nichrome down with thin filaments of copper wire taken from a length of multifilament (flexible) bell wire at each end of the coil. So far, nothing has shorted.
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