Sunday, August 12, 2007


Changing directions (again)

This is a very painful blog entry to write. I feel like such a weathercock doing this, but here goes.

I've collected everything that I need to build Tommelise 2.0. I have been getting on with the design and proof of concept exercises during odd moments for the last week. I've been torn between building Tommelise 2.0 by hand or using Tommelise 1.0 to make big parts of the new Tommelise.

It all came to a head on Friday after I did a major deliverables hand-in for my consulting firm. Some weeks ago I'd designed a new polymer pump that would have a lot more torque and in general be a lot easier to run and maintain than the one I'm using now, which is a lash up of the old Mk II that Adrian designed more than a year ago.

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