Saturday, August 04, 2007


Buying the bits

I spent the morning at the hardware store, Radio Shack and Potters' electronics. I'm beginning to think that the parts for Tommelise 2.0 can be kept under $150 without a lot of strain.

The biggest, nastiest expense are the magnetic shaft encoder chips which, thanks to the fact that they're made in Europe, are up to $12-14/chip. I'm told that Austria Microsystems has a cut down shaft encoder chip that I can get for under $3, but I'll believe that when I have some in my hand. I'm going to press them on that next week.

The Euroboard stripboards have gone up in price as well, something like 50% to $15 since the last one I bought in April. I'm thinking that that is more Potters' than a real bit of inflation, though.

My son returns on the 15th and asked if I'd have a prototype running by then. I'm going to see if I can manage that. My client's web services server went south last night so I can't do consulting work till Monday, so I'm going to have a good run at it between now and then. :-D

This looks promising.

I may opt to use your plans over those of a "true" reprap.

Or, I may improvise something else, when the time comes.
"Or, I may improvise something else, when the time comes."

That's the spirit! :-D
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