Monday, July 09, 2007


Printing a polymer pump

I finally got Tommelise to the point where it was worthwhile attempting to print something useful. I'm trying to print a polymer pump for the Mk 1 AEM extruder as a first project. It took several days to get the infill right after designing the pump in Art of Illusion. I'm using a loose infill of about 33% and will not be treating the top surface to close the volume.

If this works it is going to be very crude. That's all right, though. This is all about developing knowhow with HDPE.

So far I've printed the raft and am just about through printing the base level of the pump.

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Looking good so far! After trying extrusion of HDPE with Lamarck recently, I have gained a new appreciation for the progress you have made so far. HDPE is definitely a lot less friendly to work with than CAPA. :)

By the way, with the rafts you are using, I'm assuming that the part bonds itself pretty well to the raft. Is your plan to then grind off the raft after a part is complete, or does it not stick all that well, and you can just pry it off? Also, if you have to use the raft because the HDPE won't stick to the table, how do you get the raft to stick? :)
Lol! Yes, HDPE is definitely not a "friendly plastic" like CAPA. :-D

The raft spreads the stress of the print over a larger surface on the foamboard. HDPE sticks rather well to foamboard, but not well enough that you don't need to print a raft.
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