Monday, July 02, 2007


It's Alive II - sort off...

"Richard" is assembled and has been tested. Things are moving, but there are still a few major problems. Not enough capa is being extruded, squares look like parallelograms, belts skip - sometimes even off the (Z) gears - and there is some odd behavior when starting on a part.

I guess some major tweaking needs to be done, or this is where the inaccuracies of my tools and skills really make a difference.

Anyway, it is still a pretty sight, specially when it moves around on my command :-)


Hey! Don't be discouraged. What you describe sounds like standard teething problems, nothing special. You'll put it right before too long. :-)
Does the platform have to be MDF? Why can't it be pine or another soft wood.
It looks damn good Joost! :)
Keep up with the good job, I think many here are interested in your MDF approach.

Englewood: keep in mind that rigidity is a determining factor if you want to have higher degrees of accuracy. softer woods like pine would allow for to much "play room"
I think I would set the machine on a level machinists die block and then adjust the corner gears to level it out from side to side and front to back. As a check I would check level diagonally with a torpedo level. The platform is 15.75" square and not subject to any appreciable loads. a good thick plastic cutting board would probably work. Wonder if the machine can make it own platform for another machine? Yes the machine looks great. How did you get the connector fittings and adapters?
The MDF is probably used because the molten plastic doesn't adhere to it?
I just bought MDF and got it cut 15.75" X 15.75". I printed the drill templates and measured the 200 mm from Centerline to centerline on A and B. It was only 7", (178mm). I used A4 sized paper, does anyone know how to correct this?
If you can't adjust your printer scaling, just set a photocopier for 112% and copy the template images.

Vik :v)
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