Tuesday, July 10, 2007



A quick bit of work with a 3 mm drill in my Dremel and the new part replaces the old.

Awesome! Congratulations on your first useful part! And with it being made out of HDPE, you get double kudos. :)
Well done, looks good. I notice you have dropped the bottom two springs at some point. Does that work better and if so does it imply the pump could be shorter, i.e. only the top part of the screw is being used?
When you look at the documentation that I did for the Mk I AEM you will see that I changed the basic configuration of bushings within the pump rather dramatically using an older scheme that Vik had conceived. I discovered that that configuration didn't need the bottom springs.

While it does imply that the pump could be made shorter it isn't that long as it is.
Wonderful! Brilliant result :-)
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