Friday, June 29, 2007


A very, very small shotglass

After some modifications and some really good advice from Eric M, the MDF/plywood extruder is actually functioning. Another milestone in the process of repstrapping, I guess.

Initially, I had problems with the force needed to pump the CAPA through the barrel and nozzle. The reason was that the guiding hole in the polymer guide was too deep, so the drive screw could not provide enough friction. Adjusted that with some CAPA on the inside of the polymer guide, which solved that issue.

Now there was sufficient force - too much actually, the whole lower part of the assembly got pressed out of the clamp :-). The reason was that the thread in the PFTE part was too deep, and some CAPA melted just above the barrel, and thus more or less blocked the barrel. A new PTFE part solved that and presto: extrusion...

Next step is mounting it on "Richard" and to see if the whole system works together. Also, I will put together a guide on how to make the extruder parts without RP'ing.

Right the image of what starts to resemble a very, very small shot glass ... signs of things to come??


Great stuff Joost! Isn't it fun? :-D
Fabulous! You're making great progress!
I sure hope you do some measured drawings of the parts set you created to make the wood Mk II. A working wooden Mk II certainly solves a lot of problems for people who want to bootstrap without going bankrupt.
Hallo Joost,

Ben jij de Joost van de Wiel van de Nutsschool?
Mijn e-mail is

Groetjes Dave Hunter

Ps.Mooi werk
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