Sunday, June 24, 2007


Ten layers with no curling

What a lovely present for my 60th birthday! Tommelise just printed 10 layers of HDPE on an HDPE raft with no curling or warping. From the looks of it there is nothing to stop me from printing another 10 layers.

Just a few statistics. The object printed was a 40x40 mm square on a 70x70 mm raft. Each layer consumed about 800 mm^3 of HDPE and took just at 12 minutes to print. The average translation speed of the extruder head was 2.2 mm/sec. The infill density was set to 50%.

(Read the full story)

Beautiful. It's funny, these photos always make the pieces look lumpy, until you realize that they're extreme close-ups. When I resized the image to actual size (I scaled it down until the edge of the piece measured 40mm), the imperfections pretty much disappear.
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