Sunday, June 17, 2007


Richard's moving

Today I finished most of the assembly of Rambling Richard. The boards are done, cartesian is nearly done and most of the extruder parts are done, except for some RRRF components currently somewhere between the US and Holland. See the image for the contraption.

In front the extruder parts (repstrapped from MDF and plywood) and the Z belt that needs to be attached - after some aligment. One of the Z studs is not parallel to the Z rod, so I want to have that set before cutting and fixing the belt. Also, the Y belt on the motor side (left) needs some adjustment. Hopefully, next week I get the remaining parts and can try the first extrusion. I did try some X movement and the carriage moved - though shaky. No champagne yet, but getting close!

Wondrous stuff. Are you publishing details on the MDF cutting? I ask as it is bound to be different that what we're doing with ABS as the material properties are different.

It might also be possible to get commercial fabrication shops that can use CAD/CAM to hack MDF to build these parts.

Vik :v)
i would also love to see this. depending on how long it takes us to get darwin to replicate, this could be a very good stop-gap measure
I used some PDF drawings that Bruce W made. The dimensions are the same as for the RP'ed parts, except that the plywood I used is slightly thicker (9mm). The MDF has been cut as per the designs, 19mm thick. I will try and assembly later this week and see if it works; if it does then I create some drawings which we can put on the wiki. I am a little concerned that the MDF is not strong enough, though...
Joost jou heb ik nodig!!! Mijn naam is pieter, student product design in Genk, België. Omdat een 3d printer een heel nuttige tool is voor mijn richting zou ik er in september dit jaar één willen gaan bouwen. Die periode volg ik stage bij materialise te leuven. De nummer een in 3d printen wereld wijd. Nu ik ben helemaal niet onhandig en ken veel van materialen en technieken maar toch! Zo een rep rap is voor ver gevorderden! Veel respect voor wat jij aan het doen bent rouwens. Het zou echt geweldig zijn mocht ik bij de bouw gebruik kunnen maken van jouw ervaring en kunde omtrent de reprap. Keep up the good work!

If you search the forums, you can find some of the documentation on how I build this repstrap (look in Reprappers). The plan is to post more material when things work properly.
The design is based on the 3D solid edge models, which you can get either via SVN or directly from the Reprap project on Sourceforge.
Or you can use the STL files from
Sourceforge and RP the parts directly using on of the Stratasys machines they have at Materialise (which is "easier" then repstrapping from wood). I'm not so lucky to have access to RP machines. I think the latter should be you approach when possible. And if you need any help, please post you issue/question on the forums, or check out the #reprap channel on IRC. I've found most reprappers are very skillful, knowledgable, versatile and friendly people responding very fast to a fellow reprapper's problems.

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