Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Mixmaster is ready to get mixin'

Today I finally got the delivery from Acros.
They deliver at home and have really good prices, but the initial registration process took a month for me. They seem to act through a local branch, but their products are delivered from central warehouses and deliver for free if you order over 100$/€.
These people are reliable but if you have a local chemical products shop, use them, as they will speed up the whole process. That's worthwhile even at a little more expensive prices.

So what did I get?
1) 1kg of Methyl-methacrylate (the stuff Plexiglas is made of). It's a clear sweet smelling, flammable liquid, with quite a low viscosity (something like water)
I'll use this as the first of my three resin bases. 1kg cost me around 18€

2) Benzophenone. My first photoinitiator. It's a solid, pretty harmless. It will work with pretty energetic UV, the kind used to kill germs. 500gr cost me 25€ (between 1 and 3% in weight will be used in the final mixed resins)

3) Mechelers Ketone. The second photoinitiator. It's a gray-greenish solid, not to be inhaled or spread over your sandwich. This one works with the UV used for tanning. 100gr cost me 19€ (same proportion as for Benzophenone needed).
I have allready ordered the UV tube wich should arrive this week too, it cost me 6€. I'll write more closely on that when it gets here.

4) I bought 1kg of regular Polyester resin (comes mixed with styrene as a solvent monomer). It's the one you can get at paint shops for car repair, fiberglass molding and resin casting. It cost me 20€, but you could probably get it a lot cheaper than that. I will look for a shop that has better prices. This will be the base for my second types of resins.

I will also try to find a standard epoxy resin that will be the third of my initial batches for tests.
I have some good ideas about the tests i will do. They involve cure depth, cure speed, cure and setting times, filler properties, viscosity check (tricky one).

If you have other ideas on trials i could make, please drop me a line.

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