Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Tuning Tommelise

While I didn't quite intend to, I wound up spending all my spare time for the past several days tuning the positioning system and the positioning system/extruder interface on Tommelise. Now that I have the system running fairly well, I see more and more little issues that want addressing before I start trying to get a half-day print job going.

Here, you can see the detritus of my various experiments.

One of the big issues was the one of dealing with cumulative positioning errors. I first ran into this with printing out HDPE rafts onto which I print useful things.

(Read the full story)

Forrest - do you re-zero X and Y between layers? That takes very little time, and can significantly reduce drift.
Nope. Takes time to re-zero using the limits detectors. I know that I'm going to have to do that eventually, but I'm trying to get thing accurate enough to avoid having to do it every layer or so.
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