Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Found the bug

I mentioned earlier that when I went over to absolute positioning derived from an interrupt routine from the moment of powering up I'd also managed to work a bug into the code. Well, it wasn't so much a bug as just forgetting to do a little book keeping.

What was happening was that whenever I did a control panel command to move the xy position around to start a new print the firmware in Tommelise's microcontroller was valiantly counting all the pulses that this manual reset of the xy position entailed. While I was keeping track of what happened after I hit the PRINT button, I wasn't keeping track of all the fooling around that I was doing beforehand.

I solved that by creating a new command for Tommelise that lets me set or reset the origin for a print on the xy plane. Now the thing is working smoothly again and not stalling.

I was also thinking for setting up a new origin for the print controller how much nicer it would be if I could use the toggles on a game controller to do that instead of the control panel. That way I could look directly at Tommelise as I was doing things instead of having to look over my shoulder.

I think that I am going to dig around in the detritus in my son's room to see if there are any spare games controllers in there anywhere.

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