Tuesday, April 17, 2007


One possibility for ambient environment printing

I saw a video clip produced by the fab@home crowd over at Youtube that got me thinking. It was a rather simple thing, really, and at first blush it didn't sink in on me that I was seeing an opportunity.

The videoclip is of a fab@home printer making a watch band. The first thing you notice in this time lapse is that their syringe extruder that puts down the goo that they make their watchband out of hasn't got the capacity to do the whole job without being refilled. That distraction tended to make me miss the interesting bit that happened shortly thereafter. At 1:20 seconds into the time lapse clip they very briefly laid down the watch that they intended would fit into the band. It was only there for a flash and then the printer went on with making a socket for the watch. There wasn't much contrast in the clip so you had to watch the motion of the extruder head to be sure this was happening.

At 1:40 they dropped the watch into socket and the printer then proceeded to print around the watch's perimeter thus making it an integral part of the band.

(Read the full story)

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